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Dr. Namratha


Dr. Namratha

Medical Registration Verified

10 Years Of Experience

MBBS, MD - Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Infertility Specialist,Gynecologist,Obstetrician

4. Dr. P. Namratha: Fertility Specialist. Over 5000 test tube babies in 18 years. Passionate, dedicated, and committed to making parenthood dreams come true.

Doctor Details

Experience :

28 Years Experience Overall (22 years as specialist)

Education :

MBBS - University of Health Sciences Andhra Pradesh, 1995
MD - Obstetrics & Gynaecology - Karnataka University, India, 1998

About Doctor :

Dr. P. Namratha a proud fertility specialist in India generated more than 5000+test tube babies in her 18-year service.

She decided to become a doctor at the age of 6 years. If one has to excel one must have that insatiable appetite to learn things in a proper way… Acquiring a doctor’s degree and license seemed exclusive at times the kind of training one has to undergo the proficiency one has to demonstrate in taking decisions and doing surgeries the countless exams need to be passed day to day, the high levels of patients that have to be maintained. Yes, it is never ending process.

As proud as being one of her lineages, She can also say that it is her passion perseverance and discipline qualities essential to becoming a good doctor that got she here. She was fortunate enough to get her dream profession and her today a proud Indian doctor. To most people a doctors job looks glamorous a smart coat, stethoscope in neck, handsome amount but only a doctor can tell u how nerve biting and demanding the work can get .we have to give our 100% concentration as there is no scope for error.

She has decided and made her mind to work for needy people till the end of her life for those who need their own kids and the light of the happiness of their family to get relief from mental tensions of family members. Her heartiest thanks to goddess move to give her this opportunity in this life. Her aim is “Take Home Baby for Every Couple who comes to her clinic with a wish of getting their baby” with this intentions She has started and established Universal Srushti Test Tube Baby and Research Centers in different places and it’s her decision"

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